Megan Dickie


Megan Dickie was born in 1974 in the small town of Crossfield, Alberta, just north of Calgary. Growing up in this rural farming community, Dickie’s exposure to visual art was limited to books in her parents’ collection, which included an illustrated text by Robert Bateman and three encyclopedic pages describing ‘art’. Her parents were both “makers of things”; her father was in construction and architecture and her mother was a schoolteacher who taught art and did sewing projects. Her small community lacked arts education, so Dickie proactively sought one out on her own. She took art courses by correspondence in high school before she left for the University of Calgary, where she earned a BFA in Printmaking in 1997She experimented with more applied forms of art and dabbled in graphic design and interior design, but was unsatisfied in visualizing ideas that were not her own. Instead she pursued her MFA at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating in 2002.


I decided to make myself a bit of a character.